In my weekly series of blog posts I will be focusing on being a caring leader.


I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful role models in my life. They have all added value to my life in many ways. My leadership style has been influenced by each one of them. I have come to understand leadership as adding value to the lives of others. As I reflect on the people who have made a positive contribution to my life. The result has been to develop a personal leadership style that cares for other people and is focused on enabling them to flourish.

Most of us at some time in our lives will take on a leadership role. Some will be formally at work, or informally at home, or through volunteering at a community group. Most of us would say we feel inadequate in the role. whether as a parent or a team leader. Make no doubt about it, some self-doubt is a healthy thing to have in your leadership tool box.

Each week I will share some thoughts on being a caring leader. I hope you find them helpful.


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