Imagine Project management services defines a small project as being low in complexity, low-risk and low-budget.

A small amount of money can go a long way and make a big difference.

Examples of small projects:

  • A community survey
  • A fund raising campaign
  • Some form of pop up business for example, a café or a cinema
  • A small building or renovation project
  • Starting some form of community project
  • A conference
  • A new product or service

Read some of our success stories of small projects we have project managed from inception to completion.

Can you:

  • Imagine the difference a small project could make to your community?
  • Imagine a unique project tailor-made to the needs of your local community?
  • Imagine if we helped you set up your small project and enabled you and your team to establish it?
  • Imagine what might happen if your small project became a place where people could volunteer and develop new skills?
  • Imagine if your small project enabled people to meet new friends?
  • Imagine if your small project enabled people to flourish?

All it takes is a little imagination to make a real difference.


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